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Luxury Apartments in W1

29 September 2015

With culture, class and charm around every corner, the W1 postcode is London’s most desirable residential hotspot, with an elite range of luxury apartments available from Galliard Homes.


Places to Eat in Fitzrovia

21 September 2015

Fitzrovia may be known for its creative community but in fact, it also is home to some of the best restaurants in the city. Whether you fancy fine dining or a good old English pub, the streets of Fitzrovia are sure to have something to tempt you.


Crossrail Initiates the Growth of Fitzrovia

21 September 2015

Crossrail is planned to open in 2018, creating quick and simple links throughout London. Leading up to the opening of Crossrail, redevelopment has begun in areas of London to create new office and retail spaces next to the new stations.


The Art Scene in Fitzrovia

17 September 2015

Learn and understand why Fitzrovia is considered to be the creative hub of the city. This impressive array of art galleries and museums will inspire anyone and everyone to release their inner artist.


Why is Fitzrovia So Fashionable?

04 September 2015

So, why is Fitzrovia known as one of the most fashionable and trendy districts in London. Explore the most unique boutiques, stylish people and sleek properties in this area of London and appreciate the fashion culture that Fitzrovia has to offer.


Why is Fitzrovia the Next Prime Location?

01 September 2015

Find out why Fitzrovia is the new Prime location in London, why it is a strong investment opportunity and how it is catching up with its prestigious neighbours including Marylebone and Mayfair.